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July 20 2019 [New Zealand] 
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103-723 Megaphone 1939-1950 Gardengate Long-stroke 500cc. Semi-finished. Includes bracket kitset. $165.00
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103-762 Exhaust Pipe. 1939-1950 Gardengate Long-stroke. semi-finished. Sand-bent pipe with correct smooth bends. Fits closely under lower bevel box for maximum ground clearance. Unchromed. $245.00
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103-800 Exhaust Nut. Finned type to suit all Manx models. Satin finish. $89.00
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103-820 Exhaust Nut with oversize thread - to order only. $110.00
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113-760 Exhaust Thread Repair all models. Uses bronze thread insert. $170.00
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