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June 17 2024 [New Zealand] 
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Do the international cam box and the engine head( 500cc) are compatible with the featherbed manx (30M) crankcase.
Ken McIntosh
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The Inter and Manx have the same stud spacing, plus the Inter and Long-stroke Manx all have 7.5" conrods. The studs and head nuts are different on a Featherbed Manx. The Featherbed Manx crankcase is taller, and the finned alloy part of the cylinder is shorter to suit. The overall length of the cylinder is the same and the lower spigot is much longer. The depth of the spigot in the cylinder head is much shallower on the Long-stroke DOHC Featherbed Manx. The problem is the SOHC finned cylinder barrel is too tall for the Featherbed Manx crankcase, so you will need a non-standard short cylinder with a deep top spigot to suit the SOHC head. Ken McIntosh
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Hi Ken, Thank you for your immediate respond. Regards, Azhar

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