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April 23 2021 [New Zealand] 
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Paul Gibbons
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07 July 2009 03:23 I have developed a crack in my manx front hub (1951) the crack starts at the brake lining, goes through the midle of one of the spoke hole and runs upto the first rib/fin. I am looking for some advice on the material spec for the correct filler rod and any advice on welding it up. Many Thanks Paul Gibbons
Ken McIntosh
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08 July 2009 11:34 Early model magnesium hubs often have a problem with cracking as they get older. The problem is normally caused by corrosion between the cast iron brake liner and the magnesium, possibly because of a void during the original manufacture. I doubt that welding will be a successful repair as a bond between the magnesium and the iron (the "Alfin" process) is not possible to re-establish. I have seen hubs used for some time with a crack from the brake liner running outwards toward the spoke flange but when it gets to the outside of the flange it is sadly normally a throw-away. I would be interested to know how you get on if you do try and weld. The other Norton magnesium castings often weld quite well with standard magnesium welding rods and argon-arc.

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