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June 17 2024 [New Zealand] 
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Steve Ledsham
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I need some guidance on setting the float chamber height on a 1960 30M.

Also is the set-up different for the earlier type than that for the later weir type?
Michael Anderson
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There is a "target" ring on the inboard side of the GP carburetors that you can identify as a shallow groove machined on the end of a hex fitting. The fuel level in the float chamber is normally set to the bottom of the ring. This can be done easily by temporarily installing a short piece of clear fuel line in place of the one that feeds the carburetor from the float and using it as a sight gauge to view the fuel level as you adjust the float chamber height. This should work for any type of float system.
Steve Ledsham
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Thanks very much.

Previously I had guessed the fuel height by estimating the required fuel level in the carburretor and working backwards.

This resulted in a fuel height approx 1/16 lower than the method described - with all the running problems.

I have another problem also fuel related - Exiting a bend after a longish overrun usually after a long straight, the engine will not repond when the throttle is opened? Then after about four or five seconds is picks up again.

I know that this is fuel starvation but cannot work out what is causing it.

Float chamber is earlier bottom entry type (wrong for this year), fuel tap bore is 1/4", fuel line bore is 5/16, a new float chamber rubber mount is also fitted. I have made a "u" bend in 1/4" bore copper pipe which connects the bottom of the float chamber to the bottom of the carburretor via 2x 1 1/2" flexible tubes, this is limit the float chamber movement.

Any ideas ?


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