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June 17 2024 [New Zealand] 
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Peter Colban
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Hi, which make and type of spark plug should I use in my Manx M40 350cc 1961 shortstroke engine ? In a manual I have a Champion NA19 is listed, but my suppliers just shug their shoulders ? Would like to hear what make and type you are using and has anyone any experience with iridium type plugs ? thx, Peter
Ken McIntosh
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I use NGK Gold-Palladium racing plugs with a fine wire centre electrode. These have a normal type earth electrode, rather than the side electrode of the old type racing plugs. This makes them less prone to oil or fuel fouling, and will work OK in a Manx. The range is from a "#8" (B8EGV) to "#11" in half steps (ie #10.5). The higher number the colder the heat range of the plug. For gasoline I recommend a hot grade (B9EGV) for short tracks where full throttle is not used much, to a cold plug (B105EGV) for fast tracks like Daytona where full throttle is held for long periods.

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