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June 17 2024 [New Zealand] 
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Hello, Witch is the basic position of the pilot air adjuster of an Amal GP2 carburettor ? 1.1/2 open ? By me is 2.3/4 open - is that indication, that something is wrong by my fuel level ? Regards Christo
Benjamin Gradler
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Well we can look at what Irving says in his book.

He says a small circle is engraved on the air-jet access plug adjacent to the air-slide and that the BOTTOM of this circle is the correct fuel level.

Getting your fuel level correct would be the first step in tuning any carburetor as without having it correct all following questions and adjustments would be a waste of time.

Irving goes on to suggest the use of a transparent tube connected to the float bowl outlet of the remote float to see the level of fuel in it.

After that, once you are sure your main jet is correct, then the pilot air adjustment is supposed to be set as rich as possible consistent with a good tickover at low rpms.

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