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June 17 2024 [New Zealand] 
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Maximiliano Fourcade
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The piston is for a long stroke manx engine, I found it in Chubut middle of the patagonia in this winter, The engine came without decompression plate and have this piston .
I try to have some idea of the compression of this bike before fix it.
I read in the Norton manx factory manual How I can manage the compression with the pistons and compression plates but I donīt know if this piston are original or no. the international piston are flat and I see another Manx piston with a High dome. Thisone is in the middle of the range, with a litle dome. Regards


Thanks again
Ken McIntosh
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The original Manx 499cc Longstroke piston is forged alloy, and is 79.62mm diameter.The gudgeon pin boss is approx 1" wide
The Inter is 490cc and is 79mm diameter as std. It is cast alloy and has a wider gudgeon pin boss.
The flat top piston is approx. 7.5:1 comp, and the 9:1 type has a slight dome.
The alchohol fuel type, often used in Cooper type cars with Manx engines, has a very high dome, and can be as high as 14:1 comp.

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