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June 17 2024 [New Zealand] 
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Rowan Bond
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Ken and fellow Norton enthusiasts.

I am putting my inter back together after a blown piston, and want to set the valve timing. I previously had it set to standard, but I have heard that there is a better timing for street use with a silencer. Is it possible to let me into your secret if you have anything different. My inter as previously discussed is a cast iron 1949 standard inter with a silencer. At present I have the cam timing set at the standard
47.5/70 inlet and 85/42.5 exhaust. It is a bit give and take (several degrees due to the cam regrind, but I have set the timing accurately on the inlet opening and exhaust closing. Any ideas please as I will be buttoning the motor together next Wednesday.

Thanks all

Rowan Bond
george cohen
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Advance the inlet cam by 10 degrees so the it opens 57 BTDC and use with an open pipe of the same diameter as exhaust and ending at rear wheel spindle. ( 47 for silencer and 57 with out!)if too noisy then disguise inside a 'silencer' such as a megga shape with muffling wading stuffed between the two. more info at
Rowan Bond
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Thanks George

I put it back together with the 57 degree openings and a muffler with no guts. It goes much better than before.



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