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June 17 2024 [New Zealand] 
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Mark Burgmann
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I have been experiencing bad wear on my manx cams and cam followers so bad the last time the exhaust cam wore out resulting in the follower breaking up.
Has anyone a solution. I thought it maybe an oiling problem but the oil flow to the cam box appears to be ok, have not measured it though. Read somewhere that the oil oriface into the cams are different to one another but the wear is on both cams!
Best Regards
Benjamin Gradler
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I wonder what kind of oil this guy was running.

It would be fun to run Castrol castor bean oil like they did in the old days, and a lot still do, but there must be something better out there by now.

I called the Barber museum one day and talked to their mechanic and he said they run Mobil synthetic motorcycle oil in their bikes.

Not too long ago most of the additives to prevent wear on flat-tappet engines was taken out of most off-the-shelf motor oils as most autos now have roller-tappets.

There is the Rotella oil for diesel engines that is supposed to have all the old additives in it still.

With the cost of Manx parts, whatever oil is in the engine better be damn good stuff!

Then there is viscosity, originally they specified a lot of straight grade oil for bikes with rolling-element bearings, but many now are running multi-vis in them. Whatever viscosity, having the oil good and warm before using a lot of throttle and revs has to be a good idea.......

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Hi Just a reply on the oil used, tried every thing from Shell semi synthic to Belray. Oil type is not the problem rather I believe oil quantiy to the cam box. Ken my engine is fitted with the adjustable oil supply to the cam gear and you said to me many years ago that I should chuck it and fit a standard relief valve. I think I will do this as I am thinking of firing the old girl up again. I also may fit a new oil pump as the original looks a bit tied. I will make a run over to NZ in near future to discusss in person. Best Regards Mark

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