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August 10 2022 [New Zealand] 
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Frank Kuyl
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11 October 2003 09:10 Hello Mr McIntosh,

are there sprint gastanks and painted available at the shop ??
also I have on my Manx the wrong magneto and am in search for a 2M TT
now I prefer original but read somewhere that there are also replica`s been made
I would like to see the correct magneto on my Manx

sorry if my sentence building is,nt that right
Frank Kuyl
(read times)
13 October 2003 06:41 Sorry for all....I just read that sprint tanks are available and painted

I keep interested in any info for the 2M TT ..
Benjamin Gradler
(read 10739 times)
28 June 2009 12:25 Ken McIntosh offers replica magnetos in his catalogue, and they are also available here:

Unless you luck out and find a used magneto for a song and a dance, you may as well get a replica. Originals are going for just as much as the replicas or more, and they have a weaker spark and probably need money and work put into them.

I doubt a good quality replica magneto would detract from the appearance or value of your bike.

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